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  • Item #: IFMERCH_2004
  • Product Type: CD
  • Description: Item 2004

    01- In Our Veins
    02- Murder Motel
    03- Torticolis
    04- Ice Breaker
    05- Kill the Crowd MP3 / VIDEO
    06- Dead Birds
    07- Trio du bûcheron
    08- Cholestérol
    09- Chloroforme
    10- Mosh Test Dummies
    11- Gore on my Snare

    Murder Motel / 2014
    Produced by : Martin Gendreau

    Release date: 2014.04.18

Recorded, Edited, Mixed and Mastered at :
Garage Studio, Montréal, Qc
by Christian Donaldson.

Instrumentation Credits :
Leather King : Vocals
Steve Burns : Drums
Francis Lafrenière : Bass
Erik Fernet-Evans : Guitars solo
Martin Gendreau : Guitars

Guitar solo ‘Kill the Crowd’ was composed by Eric Duranleau.
Played and recorded by Erik Fernet-Evans.

Guitar solo ‘Murder Motel’ fading section only by : Christian Donaldson

Vocals Crew ‘Mosh Test Dummies’ and ‘Kill the Crowd’ by :
Erik Fernet-Evans, Christopher Evans, Michel Castonguay-Boucher,
Leather King, Christian Donaldson and Martin Gendreau.

All songs lyrics by : Leather King
All music written by: Martin Gendreau
Art Direction by : Martin Gendreau
Illustrations and Artwork by : Martin Gendreau
Cover Photography by : Martin Gendreau

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